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Global IVD Products Classification

An effective product classification system is critical to the functioning of any industry in the knowledge-based markets of today. A classification scheme assigns a code to each product type or class, allowing quick identification of the product in a language-independent fashion (the specific name of the product is actually not mentioned).

EDMA has been following the development of the European IVD market for many years. In order to allow for the easy compilation and consolidation of market data, EDMA has created a specific product classification scheme for IVDs, the Global IVD Classification (formerly EDMA or EDMS classification). Every year the EDMA Market Research Committee updates the classification so that it reflects the IVD products on the market.

2014 Global IVD Products Classification 

GIVD to GMDN conversion tables

EDMA has been providing its nomenclature for IVD Medical Devices in Europe for several years. However, with the advent of the Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN), the question has often arisen of which GIVD code corresponds to which GMDN code. Since these codes are used in the notification of CE-marked products to Competent Authorities on the EU market, it is important to provide the correct codes as required.

Therefore, EDMA has developed two tables for ease of use of the correlation data which it has gathered as well as an access database containing all the information used to generate these tables:

It should be noted that the correlation between the two sets of codes is not perfect as there are some GIVD codes for which no equivalent GMDN code currently exists, and vice versa. GMDN may at times go into more detail than the GIVD classification, resulting thus in various possible GMDN codes for a single GIVD code.

EDMA has done its utmost to ensure the completeness and accuracy of these documents. However, as the GIVD and GMDN classification systems are constantly evolving, some discrepancies will exist in these tables.